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Evolution and Ecology

Evolution and Ecology

2320 Storer Hall
University of California, Davis
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Davis, CA 95616

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Anemone and starfish in kelp forest, Pt. Lobos, Carmel, California

Anemone and starfish in kelp forest, Pt. Lobos, Carmel, California

Source: Wikipedia, Creative Commons


When: Thursday, 4:00pm

Where: MDSC C 180 (campus map)


  • September 26, 2019 : Amy Iler

    Title: “ Ecological consequences of earlier flowering under climate change ”
    Host: Ross Brennan

  • October 3, 2019 : Terry McGlynn

    Title: “Lessons In Thermal Ecology From Rainforest Ants ”
    Host: Santiago Ramirez & Carole Hom

  • October 10, 2019 : Lars Hedin

    Title: “Traits, evolution and the functional assembly of biomes. ”
    Host: Ben Houlton

  • October 17, 2019 : Molly Schumer

    Title: “The genetic architecture of a naturally occurring hybrid incompatibility ”
    Host: Matt Osmond

  • October 24, 2019 : Shane Campbell- Staton

    Title: “Unnatural Histories: Exploring genetic and regulatory mechanisms of anthropogenic evolution ”
    Host: Didem Sarikaya

  • October 31, 2019 : Danny Karp

    Title: “Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with agricultural production across working landscapes ”
    Host: Seminar Committee

  • November 7, 2019 : Daniel Blumstein

    Title: “Insights from an emergent view of sociality”
    Host: Lea Pollack

  • November 14, 2019 : Renee Duckworth

    Title: “Origin of novel population dynamics through behavioral feedbacks in a passerine bird ”
    Host: Andy Sih

  • November 21, 2019 : Sally Aitken

    Title: “Into the forest darkly: Climate adaptation in conifers ”
    Host: Anita To

  • November 28, 2019 : Thanksgiving

  • December 5, 2019 : Billie Swalla

    Title: “Evolution, Development and Regeneration in the Chordates ”
    Host: Hannah Nelson

  • *Sponsored by: College of Biological Sciences, Storer Endowment in the Life Sciences, Department ofEvolution and Ecology, Center for Population Biology, Graduate Group in Ecology, Department of Environmental Science & Policy, Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Plant Biology , Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, and Center for Theoretical Ecology.