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Department of Evolution and Ecology Teaching Assistant and Reader Positions

Department of Evolution & Ecology Teaching Assistant and Reader Positons

Application Deadlines:

Academic Year




AY 2019-2020

Priority Deadline for AY 2019 - 2020



Standard Deadline: Applications received after 03/29/2019 will be considered on an as needed basis.


EVE Application Process

  • EVE Application Deadlines: The priority deadline for AY19-20 is Friday, March 29, 2019. Applications received after March 29th, will be reviewed and considered on an as needed basis.
  • How to Apply/Required Documents:
  1. Application: (MS Word). Complete the application.
  2. GRE scores and TOEFL, IELTS, Speak or TOEP tests (if applicable). Photocopies are acceptable. Ask your graduate coordinator for copies if you do not have copies. (These would have been submitted with your graduate admission application.) International Students: Please see Page 3 of the application for further information regarding TOEFL, IELTS and Speak or TOEP tests.
  3. Transcripts: Submit transcripts from all prior colleges and universities attended. Additionally, submit your UC Davis graduate transcript. If you do not have copies, you may obtain your UC Davis transcript in the following manner, and both the 'official' and 'unofficial' transcript versions are acceptable: Log in to MyUCDavis; choose the "Academics" tab ; click on Student Records; and choose either the "Unofficial Transcript" or the "Official Transcript" link - your choice.(The Official Transcript takes you to a third party vendor where you can choose to have that transcript emailed to you.) Please DO NOT submit transcripts from Schedule builder.
  4. Teaching Evaluations (if applicable): A limited sampling of previous teaching evaluations - no more than three.
  5. Advancement to Candidacy Form (if applicable): A photocopy is acceptable.
  6. Your List of Courses (a list of courses from those we are offering that you feel qualified to teach with a very brief statement of your qualifications for each particular course - see note under #5. on the Word application itself).
  7. Submit the completed packet and all of the above required documents in the order listed above as a single PDF to for review by the TA Selection Committee.

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Key Points Defined

  • Teaching Assistant (TA):
    May be appointed up to 50% employment (20 hours per week) during academic quarters (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Duties vary, but may include running lab or discussion sections, holding office hours, and grading papers and exams. The minimum GPA requirement to hold a TA appointment is 3.00. Graduate students may be appointed to a maximum of 9 quarters in one or a combination of academic titles (e.g. TA, GSR(RA), or Reader) prior to advancement to candidacy; after advancement, students may be appointed to academic titles for an additional 6 quarters without an exception request. Summer appointments are excluded from these limits. In every quarter except Summer, appointment as a TA alone, or in combination with other University employment, may not exceed 75%. TAs receive a stipend (income) as well as an in-state fee remission.
  • Reader:
    Most Reader positions are 25% employment (10 hours per week). This position is sporadically demanding, but the hours tend to be more flexible than a TAship. However, when called to grade exams, you will be expected to turn the material around pursuant to the instructor’s request. The minimum GPA requirement to hold a Readership appointment is 3.00. Graduate students may be appointed a maximum of 9 quarters in one or a combination of academic titles (e.g. TA, GSR(RA), or Reader) prior to Advancement to Candidacy. Summer appointments are not included as quarters for purposes of computing the quarter limits. Graduate student employment is outlined in the Graduate Studies Graduate Student Employment Handbook - GS-200, Rev. 4/13; the Academic Personnel Manual - Appendix II-B; and APM 410-17c.Information is also avaialabe on the graduate studies website:
  • Fee Remission and Salary Scale

    • Fee Remission: To be eligible for fee remission, the position must be 25% time or more. All in-state fees, except local fees, are covered as a benefit of TA or Readership employment of 25% time or more. Fee remission information can be found on the Budget and Institutional Analysis web site: Current Student Fees.
    • Salary information: Teaching Assistant and Reader pay scales are regulated by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union contract. TAs are paid a set monthly stipend. Readers are paid hourly. The current pay scales for these positions are available on the Graduate Studies web site: Current UAW Salary Scales.
    • UAW Contract: TAs and Readers are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Please refer to the University of California Office of President web site for details: UAW Contract (BX). Back to top.



    College of Biological Sciences Teaching Assistant Application: To apply to more than one Department within the College of Biological Sciences, you must submit separate applications as required. Be sure to follow each department's instructions and requirements for supplemental information (if applicable).

    An offer of a teaching assistantship or readership represents a commitment to you on the part of our department and faculty. We urge you to reciprocate by honoring the commitment you make to us when you agree to take the teaching assistant or reader position.

    For more information regarding TA and Reader appointments in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, contact Graduate Coordinator.